During December we'd love to light up the town by encouraging people to put stars in their windows.

These can be as big or small, fancy or simple as you like. They can light up, sparkle or whatever you want!

If you already have a shop bought star that's great. Alternatively, there's some ideas below for different stars you could make at home. There's a variety of materials and complexity, so should be something there for everyone.

Star in Window

Make Your Own Stars

Here's some different ideas of stars you could make at home. There's various different levels of difficulty, so should be something here for everyone.

For more inspiration search the internet for 'Christmas Star Crafts' - there's loads of brilliant ideas out there!

Colouring Star

A downloadable star to colour in, cut out and stick in your window. .Click here for the colouring sheet.

Origami Stars

There's lots of ways to make origami stars. Try theĀ  instructions here or watch the video below to make your own.

Stained Glass Window Star

Grab some black card and tissue paper, and make one of these stained glass window stars to let the light shine through. Full instructions available here.

For a slightly different version, click here.

Lolly Stick Star

Get some giant lolly sticks, decorate them and stick them together to make this easy star! Full instructions here.

Twigs & Wire Star

For those looking for something a bit more complex, try this rustic star made from twigs and wire. Full instructions here.

Twine Star

Another slightly more complex one. Full instructions here.

Hanger Star

If you've got some spare coat hangers, why not turn them into a star? Instructions here.

Bethlehem Silhouette